I have high hopes for DirtVision. As I’ve mentioned from the beginning of this blog, there are three reasons why WoO is now. One of the main reasons is that I’m ready to ditch cable and pay for just the programming I want to watch. I want to watch WoO, even if it is just practice.

Strike 1 DirtVision

Strike 1 DirtVision.
UPDATE – Ok it’s a foul tip.

I just paid $55. You call it everything from 12 nights of double-header action, why can’t I see night 1′s events? The “video package” says “this broadcast has not started yet”, and video for just night 1 wants me to pay separately. Hello, night 1 is over, that should be in Archive now. If it turns out the only way to watch these races is live, I’m going to be massively disappointed. That’s not the way TV works anymore, I along with every viewer have a busy American life to lead. Viewers watch when it’s convenient for them.

I have a lot of thoughts about WoO and production value. As much as I love the World of Outlaws, with an objective viewpoint I can see that many of their efforts are bush league. I hope to be a part of raising the standard to true major leagues. Night 1 with DirtVision, the first night I have ever paid them money… strike 1.

I want to love you, DirtVision, please make it easy to give you money and enjoy the amazing WoO show when I can.

UPDATE – Night 1 is in the Archive now. You can watch Live, or anytime once it gets uploaded to Archive 12 hours later. Pretty good.

The thing I want, which is to get home at 10pm and start the show from the beginning, just like I would with DVR on TV, simply isn’t available yet. But it’s much better than I feared… and as I type the cars are on track!

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