Volusia – Race #2

Schatz showed his speed for his first win, picking off cars to get to the leaders, then going from 3rd to 1st in one lap. http://youtu.be/IiXnqH1zYRU
McMahan with early consistency takes the championship lead. The Allen boys not looking good as Outlaws – one has yet to start a race, the other did not put up a time in qualifying on night 2. Gravel also with a rough start, failing to transfer through the B again. Jac looking no better than last year. Christopher Bell also failed to make feature again. Shaffer slow in quali, heat, and LCS one night after leading the majority of the Feature.
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Volusia – Race #1

Kaeding, Sweet, Pittman, Schatz are my predictions for top 4 on the year. Klint Angelette the only driver at the Volusia opener that didn’t enter a WoO race last year in the strong field of 39. Jacob Allen, in my opinion a longshot to make every race, missed the first one with unnamed illness.

Pittman started where he left off, with Quick Time, but he could not overcome a dash draw that started him eighth.

Final five laps of the feature here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DQRF1hU_dXg

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Pittman vs Schatz finishes 2013

Truly glad to see Daryn Pittman a champion. He won the points battle fair and square, and in laying out their finishes in this visualization, I was not looking to prove one way or the other. Just wanted to see how it looked.




Both drivers only had 3 races outside the top 15.
Pittman had 14 races outside the top 10, Schatz had 13.
The big difference-maker is that Pittman had 13 Quick Times to Schatz’s 3. The 50 points he gained there is where he won, not in the main event.

The series structures the points the way they do to reward the drivers that come to every race. They must do that to some extent, because they don’t have a show if only a few cars go up to Edmonton (or anywhere). But a points structure that sees the winner of 30% of the races lose the championship, while having just as much consistency as the crowned champion in other positions as shown by the diagram above, could use an overhaul.

If a driver qualified 6th, and won every race of the year – he would lose to a driver who qualified 1st, and finished every race second. For that reason, the points need fixed.

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Outlaws My Way

The off-season is a great time for unsolicited advice on what I’d do if I was running the series. More racing, less qualifying. All changes should be geared toward gaining viewership to ultimately increase purses.

6:00 Hot laps.
6:30 Qualifying. 5 cars on track at a time.
7:00 Heats Round 1 – 8 laps.
7:45 Heats Round 2 – 8 laps. Invert starting position from Round 1.

Add results in the two rounds of heats. 1st and 4th = combined 5. Then rank all cars by their combined score. Lowest score starts out front (no more inversions). Ties broken by qualifying order.

8:30 Dash – 8 laps. Top half of cars (up to 16). Finishing positions determine order for Feature.
8:45 C-Main (on nights with 36-49 entries) – 8 laps.
9:00 LCS – 8 laps. Bottom half of cars. Finishing positions determine order for Feature.
9:15 Feature – 30 laps.

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What a Long Season

Well I made it through a lot of posts in the 2013 World of Outlaws season. Wrote summaries and made graphics for 90% of the races, but petered out at the end. The Outlaws that make it to every race are unbelievable road warriors.

Also was proud to sponsor the Indiana State Championship this year. Super cool memories being in the booth with Johnny Gibson and in Victory Lane with Tim Kaeding.


Probably far fewer posts for the 2014 season, but I’m playing with data visualization tools and will keep working to provide interesting ways to look at the stats of the fastest show on dirt.

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Williams Grove National Open – Race #70

Heats – Rahmer took heat 1, while Sheldon Haudenschild overtook Schatz for the transfer, till Schatz took it back on the last lap. Hodnett lost spots with a bad start, at the end hot on Barger’s tail who kept the transfer spot, as Swindell won heat 2. Gravel won heat 3 convincingly. Local 20-year-old Rodney Westhafer dominant in heat 4. Montieth from 10th to 4th charged through the field around the very top, Schuchart with the heat 5 win.

This D-Main had Kery Madsen, Kraig Kinser, and Jac Haudenschild in it. Madsen won. C-Main had Henderson, Kreitz, Dietrich, Wolfe, Darrah. The National Open a deep 60 car event!

Dash – Dollansky powered up the field, Steve Buckwalter won flag to flag.

LCS – Hodnett and Holtgraver transfer, and the format puts them in the A in rows 7 and 8 of 14.

Feature – Buckwalter slid Rahmer in 3 to lead the first lap. Trouble with the first lapper and he lost the lead momentarily. Kinser blew an engine to bring out the yellow 1. Another yellow too, but Rahmer good starts in each, then he really pulled away. It seemed destiny, 55 year old Rahmer after announcing his retirement, won the National Open for the first time.

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Fremont – Race #68

Quali – Dale Blaney fast on his local track, David Gravel and Cole Duncan faster.

Heats – Shane Stewart and Daryn Pittman great early battle for the lead in heat 1, then Pittman pulled away. Bob Chaney overtook quicktimer Gravel right away to transfer to the Feature. In heat 2 Christopher appeared to be racing in a different class than everyone else – from 6th to 1st by lap 2 and pulled away, winning by half a lap. Jac Haudenschild lead all of heat 3. Darrah badgered Caleb Helms for the transfer, while Schatz led flag to flag in heat 4. Heat 5 started with too many cars side by side in turn 1. Craig Mince and Joey Saldana flipped in sync, taking the nine-car field down to six. Tim Shaeffer made a strong move, capitalizing on an opportunity to go from 5th to 3rd, as Greg Wilson won heat 5.

C-Main – Kevin Swindell and Rose banged wheels on the front row, restart. Madsen won the C.

Dash – A 12-car Dash, remind me of the rules? Bell started last, quickly up to 5th. Caleb Griffith overtook McMahan, Pittman, and Sebedo to win the Dash.

LCS – (Where did Helms qualify?) Three (or Four) fastest qualifiers in the B. The narrow track just shuffled each of them back in their heats. Duncan and Gravel a pretty battle for the lead. Sides jumped from 5th to 3rd to secure his spot, while Caleb Helms, Dale Blaney, Saldana, and Byron Reed fought for the last spot. Madsen from the back (18th?) made it up to 6th (?).

Feature – Caleb Griffith just won his first 410 sprint car race in June, three months later he’s leading a WoO Feature. Sebedo, Schatz, Pittman a back-and-forth battle for second. Bell went over the cushion and spun, ruining his night. Sheldon Haudenschild fast up to 5th, with his father Jac up to 6th a few laps later.

Schatz took the lead, then on a restart Sebedo tapped Pittman, spinning him to the back. Dale Blaney from the B up to 8th, and eventually 4th on the final lap. Jac slid his son for fourth shortly before Kraig spun in turn 2. Sheldon had a great restart and passed both Jac and Griffith for 3rd, before doing a 360 in turn two and hanging onto 5th. The King spun and collected Cap Henry, both their second incident of the race.

Griffith beat all the other mortals, but it was Schatz unchallenged once he took the lead.

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Deer Creek – Race #67

Quali – Paul McMahan, that’s quick time 24% of the year.

Heats – Ian Madsen won heat 1 on a fast track set up for great dive bomb passes. Dollansky won heat 2 with good action behind him. Scott Winters gone with heat 3.

Dash – Just like in his heat, Ian Madsen took the lead on lap one from the outside of row 1, running around the top looking faster than anyone else at the track.

LCS – Brian Brown led flag to flag, while Rose made a great jump on the start to take and hold second.

Feature – Swindell and Peterson spin on lap three, making Dollanksy and Ian Madsen take evasive action to maintain the frontrunner spots. Ian Madsen inherited the lead when Dollansky’s engine let go. The raindrops got heavier, Madsen increased his lead, and shortly after the checkered the heavens let loose. Ian Madsen won by five seconds.

They were expecting rain all night, so really kept things on pace. Feature finished at 8:38pm.


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Clay County – Race #66

Quali - McMahan his 15th QT, that 23% of the races.

Heats – Kraig with a good start, 5th to 3rd by turn 2! Dollansky’s engine seized while leading heat 1, giving Dobmeier the win. Madsen won heat 2, while Davey Heskin bobbled on the last lap allowing Dusty Zomer to take the transfer spot in the final turn. Steve Kinser with a bobble in turn 2 that looked like it would put him in last, then he regathered and soon moved up to fourth. Saldana the win in heat 3.

Dash – Madsen won the Dash while Saldana moved up from 9th to 6th.

LCS – Skyler Prohaska wobbled around most of the track, dropping back early. Donovan Peterson held onto the transfer spot at the line after several laps of side-by-side racing with Chuck McGillivray.

Feature – Ian Madsen and Scott Winters flats on the first attempt. Davey Heskin, Bronson Maeschen, Steve Kinser tangle on try two. Kraig Kinser passed Gravel and Darrah in one move, then passed Madsen for fifth. Schatz and Dobmeier nipped at Schatz’s heels for the lead. Pittman came on late, running up to fourth. Schatz with the win.

David Gravel respectable in his return from mono, qualifying 9th, feature 11th.


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Antioch – Race #65


Quali – Kinsers both hold the emerging line as a tightrope, second and third behind Kaeding.

Heats – Madsen, Kaeding, Darrah, and Schatz in a battle for three transfers, Schatz out, as Allard took heat 1. Bobby McMahan attacked by Golobic and Scelzi, but Rose snookered them for the transfer as Steve Kinser won heat 2. (Both Scelzi and Golobic were faster than Bobby McMahan and Rose, but they couldn’t stay by them so wound up in their own battle. Scelzi throws it into the turns fast and comfortably, and stayed ahead until the final wall touch in turn four, Golobic beating him to the line like a pro.) Jason Statler won heat 3.

Dash – Larson got pole in heat and pole in Dash, the draw treating him nicely this day, led every lap. Allard up to 2nd from 4th.

LCS – Schatz started in front and ran away, McMahan in back of LCS. Watch the start of the B here. After two non-starts for spins, McMahan was already up seven positions. By the stripe he was in the transfer. Scelzi stayed at the top and passed Netto. They fought on and delivered the perfect kind of transfer-at-the-checkered finish to any sprint car race:

Few drivers rode the top in 3-4 because it was so far out from the decent low line. Scelzi adapted, faster in moments but not as polished as the veteran, he got boxed in by McMahan and Netto took the spot. For three laps Scelzi tried the top, tapping the wall in a way that either powered him or put him out of shape. Netto took a great line down the frontstretch that forced Scelzi to lift slightly. Down the backstretch Scelzi appeared to have insufficient momentum, but through three he went up higher to get on that curved string. He banged his spot on the wall past halfway of turn 4, and powered down the widest exit of the turn to get Netto at the stripe.

Feature – Larson gone and a dull dusty race until he caught up to traffic. Watch the start of the A here. Dicing three cars then coming upon a four car pileup, damaging his rear bumper in a skid. Then again kind of dusty and hard to pass. McMahan and Darrah tangled down the front straight, Swindell a victim as his right rear got ripped off. Allard got close in the final laps as the track became one line in the rubber, but Larson held off for the Antioch win.

636Berto gives bits of the world of outlaws feature from the front straight.


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